Who we are


Design made in Italy

 O.L.M.A. Design is a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality craft products. The O.L.M.A. products design are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. We aim to represent the state of Italian design offering high quality profile projects.

The exclusivity of craftsmanship makes each of our unique product, combining the attention to detail, the passion and dedication for the iron in a production made in Italy.

Quality craftsmanship

Our motto is to give shape to the ideas through the iron source material, but at the same time capable of a unique nobility of its kind, in a constant search for new forms. The works highlight our creativity, imagination and enthusiasm while maintaining high quality standards.

Our purpose is to create objects that summarize the concepts of style and originality but also craftsmanship. Excellent products designed to meet the wishes of customers in a perfect alchemy of technical, design and craftsmanship.

Experience and professionalism at your service to interpret the desires and achieve the best result.