• Quality and professionalism

    O.L.M.A. Design is a company that for over 30 years has acquired expertise in the creation and design of high quality craft products.

    We boast a high professionalism in creating design and art with all the craft metals (iron, copper, brass, aluminum) and we guarantee high quality of the materials used.

  • Wide range of products

    O.L.M.A. Design offers its customers the reliability and accuracy of the commitments and the possibility of having projects and exclusive designs for the required work. Our proposals can range from art nouveau to the modern, from classic to contemporary.

    We offer a wide range of choice between mass-produced and tailored for the interior decoration of your home (lamps, chairs, tables, coffee tables, stairs, doors, etc.) And external (vehicular gates, pedestrian gates, railings, barbecue , benches, street lamps, etc.).

  • Shop on line

    Let’s also a second life to antiques and antiquities giving it a modern look and contemporary and value your items while maintaining their style, based on the realization of your ideas.

    Guests can make use of our online shop where you will find and choose from a wide range of products

If what you want is quality, efficiency and security of the materials used, do not hesitate to contact us.
Supply and delivery throughout the national territory. It is laying claim to Catania and province.